Custom Collared Paisley Blouse

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NELSON WADE-Custom Collared Blouse-black and white paisleyCustom collared blouse, a little black and white paisley with a splash of red!

At NELSON WADE IN Scottsdale, we enjoy creating unique custom collared blouses for our female clients.

Ladies contact us today for an appointment to view what we can design and create for your daily business wear.


Silk Neckties, Bowties, Pocket Squares for Large Groups and Organzations

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Group, Organization-Silk TiesDoes your business or organization have a need for a large quantity of stock, non-custom silk neckties, bowties or silk pocket squares that match in the same color and pattern design?

Then you have come to the right place! At NELSON WADE, we provide non-custom silk ties, silk bowties and silk pocket squares in large quantities to business corporations, schools, fraternities, resturants, casinos, clubs, limo and charter companies from around the world.

The easiest way to find what you may need for a group collection of stock silk neckties, is to send to us by email at, your required colors and pattern style. We will reply to you and send to you a collection of image examples of available silk ties, bowties, pocket squares.

If you still don’t see anything that fits your requirements, we would be happy to make it for you. We have a very large design library with hundreds of in-stock designs and colors for organizations and group silk ties, bowties and pocket squares.

Contact us today by phone at 480-263-1447 or by email at to discuss your large group requirements.

My Socks?

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Plaid Sock ComboTraditionally, dress socks should complement the dress level of the rest of your ensemble. Black custom suit, black socks, navy custom suit, navy socks and so forth.

This normally presents an streamline appearance and by this means, many men like this because there is no room for confusion of what is the right sock color or the wrong sock color to wear.

Stylish Mens SocksHowever at NELSON WADE, we feel once a man has his own sense of style, he should feel free to break away from this rule of thumb presentation for socks. Wearing bold colors and patterned socks can set you aside in the world of fashion boredom.

Bold socks can give you excitement and conversation that never would have happen with wearing a black pair of socks. 

So men, live well and dress well with your socks!


Shop online for socks at

Keep Warm…

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Charcoal-stripe cardigan wool sweaterWith the radical winter storms throughout the country, it’s the time of year to keep warm, and yes, even for us, who are desert rats in the valley of the sun, it’s time to keep warm!

One way to stay stylish and fashionable with the aim of  some additional warmth, is to layer over a custom dress or casual shirt with a sweater vest or cardigan sweater vest. Another option could be a contrasting color or patterned wool jacket vest. These all tend to be great casual and fashionable dress  options for men today. And importantly, they all add a little additional warmth with a custom sports jacket or a less custom formal suit.

Purple wool sweater vest under black tonal stripe suit.All of the sweater and vest options above can also compliment and be dressed with custom jeans, slacks, chinos and/or corduroys separately.

For style and formality, the sweater vest, cardigan sweater vest or wool jacket vests all provide different levels of elegance. Some are even interchangeable. So keep warm this winter and dress well with NELSON WADE.

Our Web Sites; and shop online at

Whisky tasting notes from The Whisky Isle-01/2014

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Whisky tasting notes from The Whisky Isle-01/2014. The Whisky Isle education and tasting notes for Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky presented by Nicholas M. Pollacchi.

Check out for more videos.

From our friends at “The Whisky Isle”

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nelsonwade_fabric_selection_for_a_bespoke_necktieNicholas Pollacchi, the CEO of “The Whisky Dog and The Whisky Isle” a purveyor of fine Scottish Whisky has been a friend and client of NELSON WADE for the past few years. View today’s TV interview with him on CNBC’s Street Signs, discussing why certain Scotch whisky could double in price over the next few years.

Click here to view the video, Investing in whiskey.

Shop Small Business Saturday at NELSON WADE with 30% Discount.

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Small Business Saturday, November 30th, 2013At NELSON WADE® іn Scottsdale Arizona…Someone once said, “Your clothing says a great deal about who you are and where you are going”.

If you are looking for quality clothing that makes a classic presentation, then consider to make an appointment for this Saturday afternoon. Join us  and experience the national event of “Small Business Saturday”. Small businesses around the nation are celebrating this special day, each in their own way.

Our custom bespoke suits, blazers, trousers, custom dress shirts, collared blouses, silk neckties, bowties and accessories will be on sale at 30% off our regular prices this Saturday only.

For those who can not come to our store, shop online and view some of our collections at and use the coupon code; “small-business-saturday” and you will receive our 30% discount. Good until December 2th, 2013.

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